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You've served your country,
now let us help them serve you!

Senior Veterans Administration Services USA is a nonprofit organization committed to helping wartime veterans, their spouses and families with assistance and information on attaining Aid & Attendance Benefit, as well as other compensations.


Our services cost nothing and there is  no obligation to veterans or their families! 100% placement is guaranteed for those who qualify!

S.V.A.S, a nonprofit 501c(3) charity registered and in good standing with the state of Ohio, does not receive financial support or endorsements from the Department of Veterans Affairs

There is no cost or obligation to the veteran or their family.  At times, a claimant may be required to provide additional information which may involve other professional services such as doctors exam, accounting or legal review, etc. A fee or charge for their services may be assessed.

Our mission is simple,
our service is free!

The charity provides useful information to those qualifying veterans and surviving spouses who wish to understand more about VA sponsored benefits; specifically the "Aid & Attendance improved pension benefit."

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